Private Collection


Peter H. Werner


This collection of approximately 14,000 soldiers and related pieces has been a lifetime hobby. It grew along with my interest in social and military history of the world.
The various figures and pieces in the display were manufactured in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Japan and the United States. Several figures in the collection pre-date 1890, and were made in Austria. A majority of the collection is composed of lead, antimony, tin and a few of iron and paper-mache.
The commercial production of hand painted toy soldiers was discontinued in the early 1960’s. A “cottage” industry currently flourishes throughout the world. Some figures are manufactured as far away as New Zealand, and painting is still done by hand.
The West Point Assembly, which can be seen on this site, was on exhibit at the United States Military Academy for six years. Cadets and bands were manufactured in Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and the United States. Several of the sets pre-date 1920.
Toy soldier collecting is very much alive and acquiring new enthusiasts each year. Prices, like most works of art and other collectibles, have experienced a meteoric rise in the past 30 years. However; this has failed to discourage growing interest world wide.
The hobby has given me many enjoyable moments, which include my occasional painting of several soldiers. It is indeed a privilege to share my enthusiasm with the general public.